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Solarpunk Action Week Spring 2020 - 10th-14th March

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if you don't know what solarpunk is, this tumblr post has a good quick explanation of the movement (as well as being the inspiration for this post)

there's little solarpunk posting here on waterfall is small right now, but I feel like a large portion of the community would really love to be involved in solarpunk

So, what is Solarpunk Action Week?

essentially, this is a period of time in which whoever wants to participate is encouraged to take action, and post about it online with the hashtag #solarpunk action week

in terms of actions you can take? you can do anything you want, as long as it's related to solarpunk! you could design solarpunk architecture, plant seeds, set up a community pantry, make flyers to spread awareness, etc etc. I'll be posting about the plants I'm growing as well as reblogging everything on here that's in the tag. I look forward to seeing what yall do!