basically,, ,,,im goblim

emlyn/lee/elliot/aspen, they/he. lives in a blanket nest. is growing a beak to peck passers-by


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Some doodles I posted on insta earlier today

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new rule: if you see your own art in the featured box you HAVE to reblog/queue it and give yourself a boost. it's the law now

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sometimes you just gotta. lay down on the grass. stretch your back all the way out on the dirt with all the bugs, especially if you slouch. this is to reset yourself. it only works on grass or dirt. anywhere else and it doesn't work right. spend some time looking at the sky while you're down there.

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kinda wanna talk to peeple but like. How Do You Do That

This is one of the quick portrait studies I've been doing lately. Mostly because I noticed the faces I paint started to degrade into generic anime type blobs LOL

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Hey three different people I follow on tumblr have gotten carpel tunnel since the lockdown so if you're gonna be drawing to pass the time in quarantine PLEASE do stretches and take breaks,,, look after yourselves I love y'all

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The same thing with typing for long periods of time! Writers please also remember to stretch and take breaks! And everyone should drink some water.

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[ID: tweet by LMVT Catmin @ LMVTACAB. it reads:

I get all the guillotine jokes. I do. but in a moment of crisis like this, those kinds of jokes are inappropriate and dangeorus. You can't maintain proper social distancing with a guillotine. Be responsible and use RANGED weaponry (at least 2 METER range) per CDC recommendations.

end ID]


My myconid cleric, Nocturne!
Mushrooms used:
Veiled Lady, Inky Cap, and Bloody Tooth

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I've always been so fascinated by the moon, stars, and the night sky. 🌕

It's my OC Chandra again 💖 I know the clouds look weird 😅 I've been indoors for too long and I think I forgot what the sky actually looked like lmao

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i may in fact be drawing a moth plague doctor

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- has a microscope in their medical bag

- the feelers are to catch particulate and study it later

- every good doctor has a pokey stick and this one as a weird caterpillar esque skull and spine design on the handle

- the mouth parts open up to refresh medicinal herbs without exposing the face

- ngl i feel like i couldve made the eyes larger

This has been a favorite for a long time

Acrylic ink on watercolor paper

12 x 18 inches

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Mushroom Dweller

Been enjoying making these lil fantasy mushroom creatures

Couldn't sleep again so I tried out some new brushes.

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the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma

me: *makes art*

me: *titles it an spongebob quote*

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quarantine got me pulling out the stash of dollar store acrylics

moon man

love it when i realize that if i can't get an arm right, then i don't have to draw it if i don't want to

(honestly, that realization--and the fact that i decided to get back into character design--was due in part to abd illustrates and his most recent sketchbook session! go watch it maybe)

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binary? nah. my gender is hexadecimal

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originally drawn 6/23/2019

I wanted to practice drawing backgrounds/environments and I really like the results :)

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We should start depicting unicorns as goats and cows as well again.

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wait were unicorbs ever depicted as pigs because imagine a boar with an enormous fuck you narwhal horn on its forehead that sounds fuckimg terrifying and majestic

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okay but the potentual behind this is pretty cool

boar unicorn with a boar hunting spear as its horn would be bad af!

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*clears throat* moose....with an enormous 'fuck you' horn

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You're welcome.