basically,, ,,,im goblim

emlyn/lee/elliot/aspen, they/he. lives in a blanket nest. is growing a beak to peck passers-by


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getting a full breath when you have asthma feels like the respiratory equivalent of when you finally get glasses for the first time and realise how clearly you were meant to see things like ah. this is how i was meant to live. incredible

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*takes inhaler* people are supposed to be able to breathe in this much? this is too much power

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bitches* will see a long-haired man and instantly fall in love

*i'm bitches

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i love animals so much yall....... i have so much love in my heart...........

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tfw you've got to go somewhere in two hours so you can't start anything because you'll have to leave before it's done but also it's too early to start getting ready to go so you just sit there likemmmmmmmmm