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i redid an old drawing i did about a year and a half ago and played with lighting and detail a bit


Desperate with religious undertones is my art mood

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another 30 min art exercise, this time with a moon and some clouds

original photo

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Celestial Sailor Jupiter concept

this one doesn't even have a comparison post since i don't think i've finished my first drawing of her. i've referenced this pose from her figurine doing a pose from the actual show. this is one of the most asymmetric and dynamic poses i've done so far!

i had to change her color scheme slightly by using a blu-er green (if it makes sence) to make it blend well with pink because her original characters don't blend at all. i hope that doesn't take away too much from her signature image and floral aspect of her powers, even though this shade of green is more of a Sailor Neptune shade of green.

Background is a pre-made pattern in Ibis Paint!

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kaa -

As a new art, here is a warmup I did some month ago.

Hey look I did something crative for the first time in forever

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I realized I never uploaded one of my favorite drawings!
Here's Cayden. They're non-binary and the captain of the Cosmic Collectors [A comic idea I have that I'll probably never do anything with]

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was supposed to be a new sidebar for art streams but it might be a bit too much now xD

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finally managed to draw!! my inspiration is just listening to a lot of music tbh

emlynlua -

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me: he likes wearing simple outfits
also me: draws him in this complicated getup

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Procrastination at it's finest-

I was supposed to be working on lining the design I finally settled on for Art Fight.

... I got distracted when a friend shared the background image. Went to doodle on it for the lolz and accidentally got carried away with an animation, LOL. So damn glad SAI can save as .PSD, makes it so much easier to switch it over to gimp to use the animation feature.

Despite the floaty-ness, lowkey kinda proud of this. heh.

June 2020
Program(s): Paint Tool SAI, GIMP

Animation drawn by myself, @sp00k5t3r
Don't use in anyway whatsoever, thanks.

Tiefling Cleric

A commission I finished last night! Had a lot of fun with this colour palette. My commissions are still open if anyone's interested!

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A practice thingy. I was trying out some kind of... style? But it doesn't quite work how I imagined it and I can't figure it out so I quit for today.

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art for when stella bonkers

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There will come a soldier

This character is 20 years old.

ahem, to clarify... the idea of this character is 20 years old, if not more. he's based on my very first stuffed toy of a siamese cat, and he is the legendary hero of Catland.

His figure is half-mythical, however, he is based on a real historical cat, who played a huge role in establishing Catland as independent country by putting an end to constant attacks from dogs on its northern region. His strategic successes made him noticed by the Queen of Catland herself, who then proposed to marry him, and he agreed. As a king, it is said that he led and won countless battles.

One of the most popular boy names in Catland is a shorter version of his name.

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this room is not for eating

fallow -

oooh this has such an ambiance,, v neat to look at...def feel like theres story here

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so i decided to draw something not Sailor Moon related for once

and since i'm finishing Wedding Peach, here's Angel Precious Lily! (Yuri Tanima). She's not my favorite Love Angel, but i wanted to go for an easy pose first which would suit her more.

and then i've decided to play around with some ibis paint brushes and voila, here's a background.

I didn't plan to assign a season of the year to her, but autumn actually fits Yuri. That leaves spring for Momoko, summer for Hinagiku and winter for Scarlett, so there might as well be a series.

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i think i forgot to upload this here after i submitted the attack but uh

here's skitters for @star-rice