basically,, ,,,im goblim

emlyn/lee/elliot/aspen, they/he. lives in a blanket nest. is growing a beak to peck passers-by


Posts tagged feel free to Not read this i just need to put my feelings somewhere thats like not in my body:

im not having a great time

  • my back pain just gets worse and worse every day but i cant keep taking codeine so theres fuck all anyone can do

  • universal credit were supposed to fucking pay me today but i had to change my bank details last week which has led to a whole series of fucking appointments and i cant get paid until at least tomorrow apparently bc of this stupid fucking red fucking tape there for no fucking reason at all fucking hell

  • bf had surgery on his toe and its Not Healing Well and it might be septic and i really fucking hope not bc hes gna end up losing his toe or even his whole fucking foot and oh my god if he goes into hospital he might get coronavirus and he has severe asthma i Dont want him to die jfc

  • oh hes Also severely vitamin d deficient so. theres that.

  • plus im on my period which means dysphoria

  • also music is like my main coping mechanism but i havent been able to afford to pay spotify for two months so like i cant properly listen to music and its driving me up the fucking wall i cant comfort myself im in so much pain i cant even curl up into a ball to comfort myself when i need to and i hate it hate it

  • im supposed to start therapy this week but im Dreading it bc i have this horrible fear that as soon as i say im trans theyll discharge me and tell me to wait for my clinic referral which is not gna fucking happen for months,,,, bc apparently two in the Entire Country is enough,,,, oh Also the shit with liz truss is making me Terrified bc if theres ever a time for slipping shit sneakily under the radar its now and im so scared