go feral

emlyn/lee/elliot/aspen, they/he. lives in a blanket nest. is growing a beak to peck passers-by


Posts tagged Terrified for tmo wish me luck lmao:

health update

  • was supposed to have my universal credit work health assessment today but? they lost??? my medical questionnaire??????

  • was waiting for my back to return to how it was before That Bus Journey but it hasnt so i think i basically permanently made it worse

  • dr upped my cocodamol dosage thankfully so i can like,, live

  • i have an mri tomorrow,, so this could literally be the thing that gets me a diagnosis

  • scared that it wont show anything tho hmgnfjm

  • oh yeah heres a list of my symptoms other than the back pain - headaches,stomach cramps, nausea, joint pain in knees shoulders wrists elbows, cracking sound in those joints as well as my spine

  • (current Top Theory is osteoarthritis, what with the above symptoms + my vit d deficiency. well see after tomorrow)