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disclaimer there is nothing inherently wrong with veganism but there is a certain white western vegan culture which has some problems, this post is not abt all vegans

there are many very good posts critiquing white vegan culture but theres something i havent really seen addressed.

like maybe its bc im vegetarian and i look at vegan recipes more but there is a Big Trend of trying to make a meat/dairy substitute that matches the taste of the original but they end up not substituting the nutrients? eg cauliflower steaks, that jackfruit thing. this doesnt happen as much with dairy but definitely with meat products

and like, here's the thing: you need protein. you need fats. your body needs nutrients that it will Not get from vegetables. i understand that for ppl who are used to the 'meat and two veg' meals its a hard change, especially if you, , like meat but like u really do have to restructure ur relationship to food and how you think about it. i get so worried for the health of all those vegan recipe bloggers who seem to just be trying to find taste substitutes for meals they loved and not focusing on like their actual health requirements. and i mean actual health requirements, not fucking diet culture. i honestly think that in a decade or two theres gonna be a massive rise in health problems related to nutrient deficiencies, and it will be because of irresponsible veganism.

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i feel like a lot of people see going vegan as like a minor change, like you're just going to a different aisle of the grocery store and budgeting an extra $$ every week for the health food rackup and they don't commit, when veganism is literally completely changing one of the fundamental aspects of being alive and you really do need to completely restructure your diet.

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I think a big thing, especially in America, but I'm sure in a lot of the better off European countries too, is that we often aren't taught what (usually plant) foods need to go together to create "complete proteins", aka, having all the amino acids that your body can't create itself, as well as various trace nutrients like minerals that we need to stay healthy.

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This is actually a huge part of why I'm not a vegatarian. Due to the fact I can't eat gluten[and other issues with textures due to autism and some other minor dietary restrictions], a lot of high protein stuff I could eat sadly just has gluten in it, and it makes it extremely hard to get the protein I need. The only real sources of protein I could really eat on my current diet if I removed meat entirely is peanutbutter.. and eggs. Maybe almonds too? but I don't remember how much protein those have and almonds are kind of rough of my teeth because of all my fillings.

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yeah europe is not really good at having enough steady meat substitutes at all, and im afraid that people are being pressured into eating vegan before they have the time and energy to make research about how to substitute proteins which is crucial for their health. there are already studies about the long-term damages of low-protein diets, the results of which only start being visible within a year or two. that's why i dislike it when people say veganism is easy and quick to switch to. it really depends on your area, your body, your expertise in cooking and food, etc.

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